Current collaborators

Currently I have the honor and the pleasure of working with amazing professionals that make my research more exciting. They are not only highly qualified researchers but also great human beings.

Alejandro Ribeiro. Professor, University of Pennsylvania

Luana Rubini Ruiz. Ph.D student, University of Pennsylvania

Fernando Gama. Postdoctoral researcher, University of California Berkeley

Luiz Chamon. Postdoctoral researcher, University of Pennsylvania

Hans Riess. Ph.D student, University of Pennsylvania

Robert Ghrist. Professor, University of Pennsylvania

Former collaborators

In the past, and in some current projects that are to be finished soon, I have had the wonderful experience of working not only with great professors and mentors but also with great students that I am sure will make an impact in their research topics.

Dominique Guillot. Assistant professor, University of Delaware

Sebastian Cioaba. Associate professor, University of Delaware

Jhony Giraldo. Ph.D student. La Rochelle Université, Laboratoire MIA, France

Daniel Lau. Professor, University of Kentucky

Edgar Salazar. Ph.D student, University of Delaware